Business Overview


Our Expertise

Koyo has the technical know-how, experience and skilled staff to undertake projects in virtually all sectors including education facilities, pharmaceutical and high-tech laboratories, commercial developments, luxury residential properties, retail developments, industrial constructions, marine, oil and gas facilities, facility management and healthcare.

We have an in-house drafting and design unit staffed by our own engineers and draughtsman to provide our clients with the design solutions tailored and matched to their requirements and specifications, as well as in accordance with the relevant industry code of practice and regulatory requirements

Air-con & Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation System
Engineered Smoke Control System
General Mechanical Work


Plumbing & Sanitary Installation

Water Reticulation System
Sanitary System
Installation of Sanitary Appliances
Installation of Fittings
Town Gas Reticulation System
Water Monitoring System

Fire Prevention & Protection System

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
Wet and Dry Riser System
Fire Hydrant System
Hosereel System
Wet Chemical Suppression System
Specialist Systems

Integrated Monitoring/ Control Systems

Building Management System
Integrated Building Management System
Programmable Logic Control
Direct Digital Control

HT Electrical Distribution Systems

Power and Control Cables


LT Electrical Distribution Systems

Generator Set and Standby Power System
Earthing Protection System
Lightning Protection System
Uninterrupted Power Supply System

Extra Low Voltage / Communications & Security Systems

Structured Cabling System
Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System
Security System
Master Antenna TV (MATV) System
Nurse Call System
Emergency Call System
Panic Call System
Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) and Telephone System
Audio and Visual System
Hearing Enhancement System
Fireman Intercom System
Public Address System