Competitive Strengths

We strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing quality integrated M&E solutions and creating customised solutions for our customers based on our philosophy of providing better quality and service. By doing so, we are able to present an added dimension to the services we offer.

Integrated M&E Services

With decades of experience in the M&E services industry, we have the requisite abilities and technical know-how to provide a full suite of integrated M&E services to our customers.


We try to distinguish ourselves by providing value to our customers by trying to anticipate and solve all their needs and problems. With the growth of environmental concerns and awareness in Singapore, building owners have become more conscious of the need to reduce energy consumption. We are able to assist building owners in doing so by helping them in energy management and providing the necessary specialist equipment and technical knowledge necessary to produce optimal and efficient performance for the various M&E Systems.

A Trusted Partner

Ability To Manage Multiple Large Sites

Koyo's FM team has the capability and resources to concurrently manage multiple site. With a total GFA of over 2.3M square metres.

Technical Expertise And Experience in M&E/Building Systems

Koyo's management and engineers have a wealth of experience in M&E engineering. We have the technical expertise to advise on all M&E equipment and sustainability in any Greenmark or energy sustainability programmes.

'Live' And Critical Operations Capabilities

Koyo is experienced in working in multiple environments including mission critical 24/7 operational environment.

Technological Resources

Koyo is one of the earliest adopters of BIM for M&E engineering since 2011. In-house BIM specialists and able to work at BIM LOD500. Koyo uses company apps, and technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Proactive Management Who Are Directly Involved

Koyo's management is directly involved in the running of projects. Koyo has always been proactive and prompt in its customer dealings.

Excellent Safety Record

Koyo has attained bizSafe and ISO 45000 certifications: We are able to comply to shipyards / oil & gas industry's standards. Koyo has been recognised by clients for safety achievements.

Strong financial standing

Koyo's prudent financial management and strong cash reserves provide us with the confidence to successfully deliver any project.